Migrand Womes Support & Accommodation Service Inc, Adelaide, Australia


Donations / Sponsorship


The Migrant Women's Support Service Inc. (MWSS) is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation with limited funding and resources and in an ongoing need for donations or sponsorships.  Please post your donation to MWSS, P.O. Box 83, Welland S.A. 5007.    Our service assists approximately 600 migrant women and children in crisis each year. Large proportion of our clients leave their family homes without any personal belongings due to incidents of domestic violence. There is also a substantial number of particularly disadvantaged clients, such as the new arrivals with very extensive needs and clients without any income, because they are not yet permanent residents. With limited or at times no funding increases, it can be very difficult to adequately meet the needs of an increasing number of clients.The rising cost of living and budgetary constraints limit our service's ability to provide any additional material assistance, which vulnerable clients require from time to time. MWSS always seeks donations for our very needy clients, especially Christmas gifts, and we are most sincerely appreciative of any help that corporations, organisations or individuals are able to offer. Please refer to the 'Contact Us' page of this website to make a donation to help alleviate our clients' hardship.

Our most sincere appreciation for the past donations goes to the following:

Legal Services Commission, Body Shop, Hon. Steph Key MP, Ian & Lily Coats, Michael Atkinson MP, Ennis Partners,  Uniting Care Wesley Brompton, Women Lawyers Association,   Working Women's Centre, Land Management Corporation members, Jacky Dakin, Julia Karpathakis, Betania Community Services, Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens, Harbour Town Brand Outlet Shopping, Thebarton Senior College, Workskil -Enfield, National Council of Women of SA, RA & H Show SA, Bob Adams, Veronica Ayton, Chris Braham, Jacky Dakin, Helen Hosking, Jinnah Moorfield, Fattaneh Naeimi, Karen Osborne, Laura Taplin, Petra Dolezalova Troyn, Ekaterina Vostroukhina, Ele Wilde, Child Support Agency, The Nappy Collective, PARKS Police,and many other individuals.

Telephone: 08 8346 9417 Fax: 08 8340 0978 Email: admin@mwss.org.au